What’s with the name?

After college, I lived in Green Bay and on weekends off, my friends and I backpacked through the UP. My friend, Molly, and I shared a tent. Molly’s last name started with Dam; my last name started with Good. Comic geniuses that we were, it didn’t take us long to create the following shtick:

Molly D: “I am the Damn Molly.”

Me: “I am the Good Molly.”

Both: “And together, we are the Damn Good Mollies!”

As part of my divorce, I began using my maiden name again. It feels like a homecoming. The Good Molly is a natural play on Molly Goodhart.

The Good Molly is also a tongue and cheek poke at me as a “good” girl. I think we all have this inner dichotomy of ourselves as “good” and “bad.” Some of our behaviors are “good”; some of our thoughts are “bad.” Follow along as I embrace and share all of me – the good, the bad, the funny, the vulnerable, the messy, etc.