If this is your first stop by the blog, you may want to read Uncertainty first for context. I saw a counselor in my mid-thirties because I was concerned about my marriage. While he dismissed my concerns, I didn't consider the sessions a total waste because he said this gem: life only gets more complex, … Continue reading Complex


Last night, it was White Claw Wednesday and Barbecue Chicken Nacho Night. Not every Wednesday is WCW but three out of four are BCN Night. Wednesdays are also known as Do What Ever the Hell I Want Night. With the boys back at their dad's, I celebrate my first night alone of the week with … Continue reading Cliche


I just admitted in a job interview that I felt like a failure. Just prior, I delivered a really great answer to the question of how I approach project planning. When I finished, the Director of Operations blurted out "how have you not been hired yet?" I shared my difficulty in getting an interview for … Continue reading Failure


My daughter did not come home the other night. My 20 year old daughter, Jess, and I live together. She is in transition from one college to another. While she would like to live in an apartment on her own, she is prioritizing starting classes and working part-time. Once those steps are underway, she'll look … Continue reading Jess