Long time, no post. I’ve been writing but the landscape is changing so quickly that unless I posted that day or even that minute, what I wrote was irrelevant.

I wrote about my eldest daughter dropping out of college for the second time. My advice to her: Let go of the “shoulds” and do with what feels right. This could be relevant as long as what feels right falls within the CDC guidelines. In a way, it does follow social distancing.

I wrote about giving up treats like chocolate in mid-January. Five weeks in, I shared a piece of pie with my boyfriend. Sitting with him alone in a booth and eating French Silk pie with the barely baked crust was luxurious. And now no longer relevant. No Perkins, no sitting in a booth together, and chocolate is definitely back on the menu if only as a coping strategy.

I wrote about having lunch with a friend considering divorce. I believe she is just as estranged from herself as she is from her husband. I suggested she give herself permission to grow and change. It’s time to figure out who she is outside of being a mom and a spouse. I suggested she share what she thinks and feels with her husband and to let go of any expectation on how he should react. Give him permission to be different also. Relevant? Maybe. It’s difficult enough to reinvent yourself and recharge your relationship when the economy is stable and kids go to school and you’re not worried about running out of toilet paper.

On the other hand, we grow when we are stretched and we are certainly going to be challenged going forward. This may be the perfect time to do things differently because we all are doing things differently. We are staying home, going for walks, playing board games, working from home, cooking more, and reaching out to friends and family. So yes, relevant. Connection to self and others is always relevant no matter what the landscape looks like.

Blog Bonus – a love poem written in pre-COVID-19 times


I’d ride shot gun
Go anywhere with you
Sleep in a bed too big for one
or too small for two

I’d go to the desert
And to the Big Apple
Portland on Monday
Montreal for a week

Drink Cabernet in a bar
and coffee in every sunny
window we can find
Just to walk down the street
with my hand in yours

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