It’s blog post night. I typically write blog post drafts during the week and then refine and post on Thursday. This week, I‘m on my third possible post, each on a completely separate topic. It’s that kind of week.

I wrote on Monday night about seeing someone. That’s right. I’m dating someone and still getting used to saying that. I wrote about how dating now makes me feel three different ages at once. I’ll post that next week.

I was also going to drop some juicy details like he has four kids including twin boys. That’s right – just like me. That’s some funny shit. As he said, “I’ll say it first: Eight is Enough.” He’s also a swim dad. And no, fellow OSHY parents, not from our club.

I wrote on Tuesday evening about the violent incident at my sons’ high school that day. A student with a knife confronted the school resource officer. Shots were fired. Both student and officer were injured and taken to the hospital. I wrote about how my heart squeezed painfully while my son talked about the decision to barricade or run when they heard the gun shots. And how I am proud of his twin brother on how he stayed calm while evacuating and directed other students to their evacuation location.

I also wrote the following:

“Some of the pain of my generation is knowing that it didn’t used to be like this. We didn’t have ALICE plans. We didn’t fear someone with a knife or a gun entering a school or a movie theater or a church. I can’t help thinking that we are somewhat responsible. This changed on our watch. We are the adults and it is our job to protect them. It is a collective failure that we allowed to progress and this is our pain to bear.”

Tonight, I’m writing while carpooling to the high school hockey game. Games were canceled on Tuesday night and practice was canceled yesterday as all district schools were closed while staff and administration responded to the incident and investigation.

The game is an hour and a half away, but every parent I talked with is going. There’s something about not being able to do what you love and also the need for a little normalcy. So we’ll travel three hours round trip tonight to watch our kids lace up their skates and do what they love best. The fact that William got the nod for his first varsity start only adds importance to being in the stands when the game starts. I have a feeling after two days off the ice, the intensity will be high.

Three different nights, three different possible posts. Dating, violence in our schools, hockey. IRL in 2019.

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