I nearly had a “moment” in Walmart on Sunday morning. Statistically speaking, given the chaos in my life the last few years combined with weekly trips to Walmart, it was bound to happen. The noise, colors and shoppers faded; feelings flooded my shape and threatened to seep out. It wasn’t the first time. This particular morning though… I was intensely grateful. I had had a series of moments that were simply lovely.

I believe heaven is accessible to us everyday. It requires no entrance fee, hoop jump or dying declaration. It is a noticing. Groceries unloaded at home, I took 5-10 minutes while life continued on around me to capture what brought me such joy.

Heaven is a walk. It is the scratch of my wool scarf and breath fogging the air. It is my dog sniffing frozen leaf piles and refusing to step on icy patches. Grey fades replaced by peaches, pinks and then yellow.

Heaven is a place. It is home on Sunday morning with light streaming through windows. The smell of bacon and coffee bring teenagers from their rooms one semi-grown up at a time. It is two young men and a dog on the couch, and a beautiful becoming-adult woman checking her phone over coffee.

Heaven is a falling. It is a growing awareness of another like you. Shared interests, events and humor. Different skills, locations and friends. It is the catch in my throat from a shared song, an astute observation, and a silence at just the right moment.

Heaven is a desire. It is a permission to ask and receive, to give and savor. It is the backseat on a Friday afternoon in a park. It is laughter and whispers and gasps. It is leaving awakened and wanting more.

Heaven is a community. It is a place of welcome and safety, filled with people that see you as a person first and an employee second. It is frozen coffee hour cookies and tea from the lounge. It is a sly joke and laughter filling the office.

Heaven is a meeting. It is a connection with each of the important people in my life. Often in person, maybe on the phone. It is a shared gift of language, history and immediacy. It is moments of witty, swear-word-laced humor followed by moments of grace.

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2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Yes! Heaven is in the details of the everyday. I was having a similar moment watching my teenage son sitting still because he didn’t want to disturb the cat sleeping on his chest. Phone, food, or Playstation be damned.

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