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I saw a counselor in my mid-thirties because I was concerned about my marriage. While he dismissed my concerns, I didn’t consider the sessions a total waste because he said this gem: life only gets more complex, not less.

Here are twenty-four hours in my complex life from Saturday afternoon back through Friday afternoon. Read it the way it is written and you will be handsomely rewarded. Not really, but there is a nice little surprise at the end.

Saturday, 1:30 pm  Pick up Charlie at the groomer; make the next appointment for my ex’s weekend
Drop William off at a classmate’s to work on a project
Eat lunch
Throw rotted landscape boards in the dumpster
Inch forward in the line at the county dump
Listen to William talk about plans after high school while we rip out boards along the back property line
Text Andrew: Do you have both sets of Focus keys? Congratulate him on a big time drop in his 200 Fly
Drop off Charlie at the groomer
Pour a cup of coffee; eat breakfast
Hug Andrew; wish him good luck at his swim meet
Say a prayer of thanks that the house wasn’t damaged
Snap the bumper back into place
Press edge of bumper in while car inches forward
Say to Andrew: As you move the car forward, understand that I am crouched back here and my hands are between the car and the house.
Switch spots with Andrew
Inch the car back to try to unhook the bumper from the window sill
Grab the Focus keys
Hurry home
Make mental note to not handle this in a shame-inducing way
Hope the house isn’t too badly damaged
Send text: On my way back. Just wait
Receive a text from Andrew that he scraped the car against the house and caught the bumper on the basement window
Walk the dog; listen to Brene Brown audio book
Say goodbye to Andrew; wish him good luck at the swim meet
Wake up; get dressed
Go to sleep
Write a prayer of thanks in my journal
Lock up the house; say good night to the kids
Get a ride home from the game
Cheer on the football team
Wonder why our marching band is always better than our football team
Watch the marching band half-time show
Drive to the stadium
Listen to my friend, Deb, and Jess discuss the best jobs in a elementary school – classroom teacher or cross-category?
Eat take out Thai and drink a White Claw
Receive a “Thanks Mom!” text from Andrew
Listen to Andrew’s classmates tease him when I drop off his pizza at the high school
Wonder if I should leave a tip
Pick up carry out Thai
Drive across town
Pick up gluten-free pizza for Andrew at Domino’s
Let Charlie out of the car; feed Charlie
Tell Jess that her car is not worth repairing
Pick up Jess at work
Bring Charlie as an emotional support animal for Jess
Unload groceries
Pick up Charlie at doggie daycare
Listen while my mechanic tells me that Jessica’s car is not worth repairing; wonder if he is single
Grocery shop
Hug Jessica
Share my news
Take a deep breath
Press end
Accept a full-time job offer
Answer my phone  Friday, 1:00 pm

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9 thoughts on “Complex

  1. Yes! Congratulations. And also, did you check for a wedding ring? Although many mechanics probably don’t wear them at work for safety reasons. Is he cute?

  2. Well congratulations on quite an amazing set of experiences. These moments- every one of them – they are life!! 🙂

    Keep the blog rolling Molly.

  3. Dear Marvelous Miss Molly,
    Your writings make my day…every day (I go back and peek through the older ones). Because you are human and you share your human experiences, I feel that I can get through whatever is going on, because, well, you just did! We are humans with heart.
    Congratulations Molly…I am very happy for you! And Thank You for being brave enough to share!
    Cindy 🙂

  4. Yeah Molly. Congrats on the job offer. I hope you find a good fit and feel good about your contributions.

    Life. Keep at it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate (except for the kids), but I ask myself questions like that all the time and they just rattle around in my head.

    Love, Jane B2

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