Last fall, my daughter, Jess, started working as a behavioral tech with kids who have autism. She began sharing stories of how she empathized with her charges. Not pitied, not sympathized but truly empathized about stims, melt downs, preferred and non-preferred behaviors, difficulty socializing, etc. Her empathetic response led her to connect what she observed … Continue reading Push


Long time, no post. I've been writing but the landscape is changing so quickly that unless I posted that day or even that minute, what I wrote was irrelevant. I wrote about my eldest daughter dropping out of college for the second time. My advice to her: Let go of the "shoulds" and do with … Continue reading Relevance


You know that moment when you click back into yourself? Maybe you've felt out of sorts or disconnected or generally discombobulated (a fav word) and suddenly, you just fit again within yourself. It happened this morning while out for a walk. I made the turn for home and felt it. I felt myself realign followed … Continue reading Lift